Monday, March 28, 2011

More of the Older Pieces

Still working on my new batch of pistols, but here are the last of the first few batches I put together.

The base was a single molded piece, so mostly I just added stuff. I think this was actually my first piece with a homemade gauge, and lots of wire work on the surface.

This was tricky, because I had to create bases for the wires to thread in and out of. Also, as I was seating the wire, everything would shift and turn a bit.

The wire in the top pods were wrapped around crystals, so again there was a lot of shifting. The end result was pretty cool though. I did more brush painting on this one than I normally do, and I was very happy with it in the end.

This one was a variation on a theme. It had a lot of the stuff I had already done on other models laced together in one gun. Tubes are always fun; this one is actually offset from center and has a cool non-symmetrical vibe.

This is better pic of the power setting dial that I've used before. Again, I had to bend the coin to get enough resistance for the dial to not flip around.

I learned a lot from building this model; mostly from the mistakes I made with it. It looks pretty cool, but I didn't have a very clear idea of what I was trying to make, and I settled with some half-baked solutions to putting it together.  All together, there was plenty that I liked about it; I will likely try again, and hope the next gen will be better.

Should have the new work done this week, and hope to post it before the weekend.

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