Saturday, June 8, 2013


So, I guess it was only a matter of time before I combined my ray gun a steampunk wands together. The result is:
The Witch-Pistol. I was checking out some other steampunk art, and thought it would be cool to have wand added bayonette (did I spell that right?) on the barrel. There was a lot of experimentation with this piece, and it almost came out looking totally different.

This was an early progress photo when I was thinking about a top-mounted wand, and a more open mouth. Something didn't look quite right, and some feedback pushed me back in the right direction. I admit, though, I will probably try out that more open mouth look on a later project.

My favorite part is the gears. It was also the hardest to pull off. I'm still not sure if I'm done with securing the glass cover. It is still wobbles a bit.

The wand came out OK. I had a bag of those decorative cylindrical beads and wasn't sure I would ever find a place for them. Happily they fit in just right on this project.

This was a last minute add. I knew I wanted to add something to the top, but wasn't sure what. These were some pieces that I had lying around, and they came together quite nicely. It also helps tie in the chamber and the rear of the gun.

That pod was one of the first parts I built for this piece and looks rather cool; I think. Though this is mostly a toy mod, it is one of my favorite pieces. I may work on more guns like this and form a series. Not sure yet, but hope you like it.

Keep zap'n!!!

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