Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Ray Gun

This is the newest addition to the arsenal, and is one my favorites. Its mostly a repaint of a toy gun I found at the store, with some additions fastened throughout. I started working on it around the time that I made the first batch of guns, and it looked more like this:

There had been a slit in the back of the casing where a tension lever stuck out to help propel darts. I took the lever out and covered it with electrical tape. I then added adhesive brads to the tape to resemble bolts.By the time I painted it, it looked pretty good. Still pretty cool, but I wanted to add some more to it; the hole in the grip was bugging me a bit.

 The green nodes are screw covers stuck to a decorative coat button, with little metal doodads glued to the ends.

I added a washer and a toy antennae-ish thing to the barrel. I found a cool meshy material that fit over the gap in the handle, and the gun started coming together. There was a fin at the front of the barrel that I shaved off so that it would holster better.

Overall, it came out pretty good.


  1. Really marvellous. Will have to share on Facebook! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really appreciate the feedback.